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Presence: A Global Conversation for a New Earth.

Feb 22, 2024

**In continuing our series on the Biblical Narrative as holomovement, I'm recommending you watch the video presentation as it includes 5 diagrams that will be helpful to see as you hear the information. Link to YouTube HERE.

In this episode we continue to address the power of convergence. Our proposal is that science is now telling us that the holomovement is nothing less than God’s creative narrative. 

The radical and dramatic paradigm change is with regard to the interpretation of Christology as a religion, therefore Christianity. 

We continue to propose that the biblical narrative points away from itself to a universal source or that which is called God. 

Here are a few of the points that I’ll be discussing in this episode:

  • There is no such thing as ‘the church’. There are only thousands of iterations of what people disagree about ‘the church.’
  • God’s holomovement narrative is that Christology is transform….it is not a form. 
  • We are not eliminating Christology….we’re reinterpreting it. An interpretation that goes beyond a “little God.” 
  • The result is universal God identity…not a religion. 
  • Christology and the holomovement both tell the story of God’s creative action.